Capillus272: Low Level Light Therapy for Hair Loss

The Capillus272 is a portable, hands-free low-level laser light therapy device for hair loss featuring more laser power than any laser device for hair loss. The Capillus272™ laser device is the most efficient to deliver light to the hair on your scalp because it covers the entire region simultaneously and leaves no room for user error.

Laser therapy with Capillus 272 has been shown to slow, stop, and possibly reverse hair loss by improving the health of existing hair. It is not a cure for baldness and will only work as long as it is used according to instructions and during the treatment period. Once laser therapy stops, so does the cessation of the hair loss. It is important to keep your expectations realistic.
Maintenance is a very important part of treatment. In any hair growth treatment, it is normal for users to have an initial period of hair shedding before they can begin to see any results.
Shedding is an indicator that the treatment is working. In order to begin seeing results, we recommend following the protocol for a period of at least 6 months. You may be able to see benefits up through the year. Laser has been shown to also strengthen the existing hair.

Although women often make the best candidates for Low Level Light Therapy Hair Restoration, most men can benefit from LLLT as well. This type of laser hair therapy only restores life to miniaturized, dying hairs called vellous hairs by increasing blood flow to the follicle and rescuing it from its final stages before it disappears forever. It stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients. The hair shaft of these vellous hairs and others, will become thicker and stronger. Once the health of these hairs is improved, they are more able to resist permanent hair loss.

This therapy will not work on patients whose hair loss has progressed to the point where there is smooth skin baldness where no follicles are present.

Laser Devices LaserCap LaserCombs In Office Domes
For Home Use YES YES NO
Mobile YES NO NO
Treatment Protocol 30 mins every other day or as prescribed by physician Comb Hair 3X / Week for 15 minutes Sit Under Dome 3X / Week at Medical Clinic
Hands Free YES NO YES
Medically Managed YES NO YES
Power per Laser 5 mW 5 mW 5 mW
Number of Lasers 224 9 9
Total Power Output 1120 mW 45 mW 410 mW
Laser Wavelength 650 nm 650 nm 650 nm
Light Type Laser Only Laser Only Laser Only
FDA Safety Classification Non-Significant Risk Non-Significant Risk Non-Significant Risk
Warranty Period 3 year 5 Months N/A

Information above based on information provided on company websites as of January 2013.

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